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Nerd-Core Goes Hip-Hop: MC Chris Is Dead


mcchris_dead   For those of you, like me, that have ever been addicted to Star Wars, knapsacks with band logos painted in white-out, comic books, and cheese, it would be a tough road to find a hip-hop act that truly spoke to you and your insecurities.

Well, we’re all in luck. Introducing MC Chris, and his second to latest album, MC Chris Is Dead.

(Yeah, I’m a little late.)

In a future long, long ago, when MTV’s “Liquid Television” said goodbye to the airwaves and left the next generation of drunken college insomniacs with nothing to watch on TV while playing Diablo (the first one, b*tches), a hero was born.

Actually, it was three heroes made up of fast food, a fat, hairy bald guy with sandals, and a robotic chicken. Risking life and limb and any sense of political correctness, these brave animated characters became known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

One nemesis, going by the name of MC Pee Pants and taking the form of a giant spider, a cow, an elderly vampire, and a worm, wearing his rhymes and diaper for all the world to see, went on to become a legend himself. Releasing himself from his animated cell, he took the form of a hobbit, called himself MC Chris, and set forth to right the wrongs of hip-hop in the hope to bring beats, bass, and an affinity for bologna to the world.

At least, that’s what I’ve come to believe after drinking way too much and finding myself in a party-van filled with stormtroopers en route to Comic-Con in San Diego.

mcchris1  In the world of music, however, MC Chris is much more than a gimmick from television. He is a voice of rap from a cultural mindset that is all too often cubby-holed to punk rock and metal. Artistically, MC Chris seems to say, “Hey dork! you can bump to beats, too! So put down that f**king Manga and getcha groove on!” At least that’s what hey says to me. I read into stuff. That’s my job.

MC Chris Is Dead is a fine example of this movement. His rhymes this time around seem to stray away from the basic nerd-core genre that he’s found himself in. Instead, we’re able to clearly see a man rapping about who he is, what he thinks about, and everything else that inspires him. Sure, he’s white and in his thirties. At least he doesn’t fight it.

Take “Older Crowd” for example, where he complains about the new generation of partiers. It speaks to me, even if it makes me feel like a grumpy old man, and that’s the comedy of it. I laugh at myself listening to it, because it’s too true. Luckily, I’m grooving in my chair at the same time to it while I write this review, so I don’t reeeeally feel old.

But that’s the great thing about MC Chris. He’s kind of like me, rapping about things that my generation and I respond to, whether in nostalgia or just laughing our asses off.

Other than that, the rest of the album plays rap off of comedy in a way that not only makes you laugh, but get’s your ass shaking like you never thought you could. Yes, the beats are good! This in itself makes the album less of a “comedy” or “parody” album, and more like a regular hip-hop record. I dare you to put on “Hoodie Ninja”, “Kill It” or “My Rhymes” and not feel like getting off of YouTube and start dancing in your bedroom. It’s im-f**king-possible.

Of course, we seem to get a nod from MC Chris to the nerd-core movement that may have helped him on his way with “Nrrrd Grrrl“, but it’s more than that.(Besides the fact he himself states he has no idea what her deal is.) It’s a love song that reaches past hip-hop, and into the realm of hipsters everywhere. Even if MC Chris himself hates girlie jeans on guys. (I do too, but on girls it’s amaaaazing.)

Song to listen to: My favorite has to be “The Masturbation Song.” The content is funny, and the groove to the song in general is phenomenal.

I give this album 3.5 out of 5 zombies attacking a douche in skinny jeans.


Listen to MC Chris is Dead Now

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