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Comic-Con Fan Unveils Worst Footage for Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer



It’s hard to call anything at the San Diego Comic-Con “the biggest news at Comic-Con” because it’s all big. That’s what Comic-Con is all about these days: unveil the latest and greatest teases for film, television, and maybe a few comic book lines here and there.

That said, I think that I have found the biggest news at Comic-Con: shitty, fan-recorded teaser trailers are alive and well, and are even making the pages of websites.

The trailer is question is for Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. The clip is so shitty that watching it actually makes me not want to see the actual movie, ever. The sound quality of the crowd going “Ooh” and “Aah” is a thousand times better than the trailer itself. Unfortunately, I don’t go to movies to hear the crowd, and I usually don’t go to the movies to see Ben Affleck.

Watch the shitty fan-recorded trailer and decide for yourself.

The realization that a Comic-Con video may actually hinder me from seeing a movie is almost as funny as the fact that we cannot help ourselves from making Sad Batman memes every time director Zack Snyder posts an image of Ben Affleck as Batman.


Sorry, internet, but we had to do it.

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