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Why You Should Listen: Lera Lynn


Once in a while, TV does a good job of introducing new music to popular culture. Sure, sometimes it can annoy original fans, like when Explosions in the Sky was featured in the football melodrama Friday Night Lights (the new fans didn’t annoy me, just the Youtube comment sections), but it also means that real talent is getting its fifteen seconds of fame, and a chance to extend that time.

Thanks to HBO’s True Detective, I can now be considered a fan of Lera Lynn after it was cool, and I don’t care. Here’s why you should be a fan, too.

Lera Lynn: photo by Anthony Scarlati

Lera Lynn: photo by Anthony Scarlati

1) Lera Lynn writes and performs that haunting background music in season 2 of True Detective when Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) and Det. Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) meet up at a dark, dingy bar over and over again. It’s “Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star” haunting.

2) Lera Lynn toes the line of indie folk and country in a way that fan of both genres can enjoy her music. This specific genre can also be called “Americana.”

3a) Lera Lynn covered Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” to show just how inter-disciplinary her music is.

3b) Lera Lynn covered Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” in the same way as above.

4) Lera Lynn is still relatively new, seemingly releasing a slew of records in 2014 because someone probably asked her to put those live songs onto something people can listen to at home, reminding me of Cat Power.

5) Lera Lynn is still playing those “off the beaten path” gigs around the country. Now touring with Sheryl Crow, you can expect those gigs to start getting bigger and less cozy.

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