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Ex-Disney Star Portrays Serial Killer in New Biopic, My Friend Dahmer


According to various sources, it has been confirmed as of April that the new biopic My Friend Dahmer is set for its theatrical release in the fall of 2017. The film will portray the notorious serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer, during his high school years. It recalls the events in his life that eventually lead up to his series of heinous murders and acts of cannibalism.

Harry N. Abrams

The film, directed by Marc Meyers, is based off of the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer, which came out a few months prior to the start of filming.

There are two key aspects to the making of the highly anticipated biopic that seem to be causing a lot of buzz around social media and the industry: the actor playing Dahmer, and the location. Portraying the horrific serial killer is Ross Lynch. Now, if you do not know who he is, I’ll give you an idea. He was a Disney Channel regular for years! He had his own show, Austin & Ally, as well as starring in the Teen Beach Movie franchise. However, Lynch has made a complete 180 and is playing a much, much darker character. Besides the interesting, yet totally on the money casting, the location has caused a bit of a stir as well. According to an interview Lynch did with Entertainment Weekly, it was actually filmed in Dahmer’s childhood home, which is also where he murdered his first victim.


For all the others with a peeked interest in serial killers and Jeffery Dahmer himself… are you excited for this to be released?

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