Downtown Records

It didn’t take long for Cold War Kids to keep their fans in a positive direction. After releasing their 4th studio album, “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts” through current label Downtown Records this past April, the band gained some of their former glory lost since their debut album, “Robbers & Cowards.”

With such indie anthems as “Miracle Mile” bringing alternative rock back to its actual rock band roots (and without guitarist/songwriter Jonnie Russell), Nathan Willett and company gave fans of Cold War Kids hope again; hope that indie rock was not lost to 1:00am shows on Wednesdays that only a few people know about. Cold War Kids were coming.

The Tuxedos EP will include two songs  unreleased in the US (“Romance Languages #2″ and “Pine St.”), the title-track, a redux of “Bottled Affection,” and two covers.

With the EP slated to be released on September 17th, a new publicity push by Cold War Kids was necessary to keep the fans foaming at the mouth. Their new push, ironically, is something old. Well, at least, older than a new EP. The band released an official music video for “Water and Power” yesterday, a song from April’s “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts” album.

It’s as if Cold War Kids are saying, “We know who we are. Prepare for more.”

We are more than prepared, sirs. Bring it on.

By Pat Emmel

Patrick began collecting a library of VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs when he was young, and continues to build a library that could easily double as a video store and/or a revitalized Tower Records.