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The Conjuring Universe is Expanding. How Far Will It Go?


When the original The Conjuring hit the theaters, I don’t think that anyone knew that they were giving birth to an entire cinematic universe. Nevertheless, that is exactly what happened and the studio is taking full advantage of it by expanding the universe exponentially. Annabelle: Creation has not even hit the big screen yet but it has already been announced that both The Nun and The Crooked Man would be getting their own starring vehicles in the franchise. Join us as we explore these films and conjecture where else the universe can go.

New Line Cinema

The Nun

Aside from Annabelle, The Nun is the next big bad to come from The Conjuring. The movie sounds like it is a bit of an origin story for the demon Valek. From what little is known so far, the movie will center around a fight between Valek and a priest who has come to Romania to investigate the suicide of a nun. From what I can tell, this movie will be equal parts The Omen and The Exorcist and have little to do with The Conjuring other than the character in question.

New Line Cinema

The Crooked Man

The only thing we know about this movie is what we saw from The Conjuring 2. From what we saw in the movie, we are in for some serious creepiness with this new bad guy. I would imagine that we are going to see some kind of boogeyman scenario with The Crooked Man only choosing a specific group of people to terrorize. Though everything is just theory right now, I am already looking forward to seeing this movie.

This is where it gets interesting. These are all of the projects in The Conjuring Universe that have been announced, but there has been so much talk about the expanding universe that these are not the only spin-offs that we will see. This is purely guesswork but all of these are possibilities.

The Conjuring 3

This will almost certainly happen at some point. With how popular this franchise is, it would make sense to make it a trilogy and beyond. Another conjuring movie would open up the possibility of injecting more characters into the universe whether they are based on true stories or not.

New Line Cinema

The Werewolf

 In one of Ed and Lorraine’s stranger cases, the couple swears that they pulled a “werewolf demon” out of a man named Bill Ramsey. Bill had bitten multiple people before the Warrens got involved to exorcise the demon. This may not make for great fodder for an entire movie, but it could be a good lead in to the movie that spawns another character in the universe at the same time.

It’s hard to predict more considering that writers can take certain liberties when writing a story that will resonate with viewers. When the 3rd Conjuring is inevitably released, we will see a whole host of made up demons meant solely to expand the universe. For that fact, we may even get one or two more characters who spin off from the spin offs.

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