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In A World… Where the “In A World” Movie Voice Is a Woman


in_a_world_posterWe’re heard it about 900 billion times and wish we could hear it 900 billion times more.

“In a world…” is the most recognizable movie promo sound bite, ever. The late Don LaFontaine aka “The Voice of God” aka “Thunder Throat” made the phrase so popular that it’s hard to trace when it first appeared in, at the latest 1981 with the trailer for Mad Max 2. LaFontaine’s voice was so powerful in the voice-over trailer business that movies began doing away with narrator explanations in trailers since LaFontaine passed away in 2008.

But what if that “Voice of God” was not of a man, but of a women. “In a world where Don LaFontaine was actually Donna LaFontaine…” Yeah, it’s a crazy idea, it’s  a hilarious idea, and it’s the new film by Lake Bell of Children’s Hospital. It is In A World…

In A World… is about Carol (played by Lake Bell), a female voice coach who, motivated by her voice-over legend father, pursues her aspirations of becoming a voice-over star. With an all-star comedy cast that includes Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Demetri Martin, and Nick Offerman, In A World… isn’t just hilarious. It’s moving and female empowering. First, women working. Then, women voting. Now, women saying “In a world…” in movie trailers. It’s a natural progression for equality.

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