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Post-apocalyptic movies are rarely funny. Maybe it’s because the end of a moral, human society just doesn’t seem funny. It seems painful, and bloody, and very, very unhappy. Not funny.

The movie Bounty Killer, however, has a different angle on post-apocalyptic society. It is a place where the formerly boring accountant can become a gun-toting demon of destruction in the blink of an eye; a place where a go-go dancer can use her agility to become a ninja assassin; a place that you, yes you, can become a ruler or a follower when 7/8ths of the human population ceases to exist.

Instead of using zombies like is all the rage these days, Bounty Killer uses good, old-fashioned fear of war and economic breakdown to bring the apocalypse to the screen, much like the Fallout game series.

Press Summary:

Bounty killers compete for body count, fame and a fat stack of cash. They’re ending the plague of corporate greed and providing the survivors of the apocalypse with retribution.

Based on the graphic novel, Bounty Killer follows the exploits of Mary Death, the leading Bounty Killer on the scene.

It’s been 20 years since the corporations took over the world’s governments. Their thirst for power and profits led to the corporate wars, a fierce global battle that laid waste to society as we know it. Born from the ashes, the Council of Nine rose as a new law and order for this dark age. To avenge the corporations’ reckless destruction, the Council issues death warrants for all white collar criminals. Their hunters: the bounty killers!

Add in Gary Busey (that’s right, Gary mother-f#cking BUSEY) and you have an action-comedy film that begs to be watched.

Just Chorizo Productions

Bounty Killer will be released in select theaters and VOD on September 6th.

By Pat Emmel

Patrick began collecting a library of VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs when he was young, and continues to build a library that could easily double as a video store and/or a revitalized Tower Records.