Hillbilly Horror Show

For some reason, the backwoods and horror have always gone hand in hand. Sometimes it’s due to the terror of the unknown that the wild showcases. Sometimes its the creepy people that dwell there.

Well, those creepy people are here, as Hillbilly Horror Show, explained as if “Hee Haw and Tales from the Crypt had a baby” by co-host Bo Keister, was recently released to showcase more hilarious shenanigans and horror film shorts than roadkill on the roads of the Appalachian Mountains.

Each week, HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW will showcase some of the best shorts the genre has to offer – and provide plenty of laughs (and a few beer burps!) along the way. The fun, 1 hour comedy show is hosted by Bo, Cephus, and their hot kissing cousin, Lulu (whose ‘Smo-Kin’ Tee is a star of it’s own)!

Playing the hillbilly hosts are horror stars Bo Keister (House of Good and Evil, The Cabining) and Scott Geiter, aka “Gruesome Hertzogg,” of Gruesome Hertzogg Radio, with internationally-renowned model and actress Rachel Faulkner (Burn Notice, Chef) as Lulu.  Blu de Goyler serves as head writer.

Cephus, Bo, & Lulu at Hillbilly Horror Show

We had a chance to speak with co-host Bo Keister about Hillbilly Horror Show, the fear and stereotypes that city-folk like me hold about the backwoods, and how great Lulu looks in a red, white, and blue bikini. Check it out on the player at the top of the page! And when you’re done, go check out Hillbilly Horror Show HERE!

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By Pat Emmel

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